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Extra year in Restaurant service (for cooks)

Objectives of the training course:

- To offer a 1-year course in the same field of activity.
- The successful candidate will obtain a CAP in Restaurant service.

- Holding a CAP or an equivalent diploma in the same field of activity.

Duration of the course:
- Sandwich course company/training school.
- A 1-year course of 420 hours at the school (1 week out of 3).
- Beginning of the course : October.
Professional subjects:
- Practical work - Knowledge of the economic, legal and social field - Budget management - Applied Sciences - Prevention, Health and Environment.
General subjects:
- Communication - History -Geography - Languages.

The course is attended as part of an Apprenticeship contract.
Income of the trainee:
Attendance is paid according to the following grid showing percentages of the minimum wage in the hotel and catering industry :
Apprenticeship Contract
Age 1-year contract 2-year contract 3-year contract
16 to 17 40 % 52 % 68 %
18 to 20 41 % 64 %  80 %
21 and over 53 % 76 %  93 %
 How do you apply ?
- Find a company among those mentioned on the list of approved companies provided by the CCI (Strasbourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
- Sign an Apprenticeship Contract with an approved employer.
- Sign a Contrat de Professionnalisation :
contact the CEFPPA Adrien Zeller to lay down a training agreement.